Mixed works
Video Art
New works
Addolorata Concezione [Grieving Conceptions]
65x160x60 cm, Resin
Crypto Connection
140x270x140 cm, Bronze
Touch Scream
35x80x36 cm, resin
The Crucifixion Artist
140x110 cm, Nylon Powder, wood on canvas
Babydrone – Bronze
15x15x32cm , bronze
The Hands of Life
Video Installation
Video Thumbnail
Hands Of Life - By Federico Clapis
On this rock I will buil my house
21x29x27 cm , Concrete, resin
70x90cm, Resin, iron
Existential Questions
19x37x11cm , Concrete, resin
The real color of grey
20x35x20cm Concrete, Resin
70x90 cm , resin, acrylic on Canvas
50x92x50 cm, resin
The Tree Of Life
140x110 cm, Nylon Powder, resin, sponge on canvas
Out of the Body Experience
Animated Painting about Astral Projection
The Connection
95x50x40 cm , resin
Only a Bug of the sistem
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BUG - Federico Clapis Video installation
Ignoring the nature
140x110cm, Nylon Powder, resin on canvas
Thougthst Removal
Video installation about thoughts
The Connection (Bronze)
30x15x15cm, Bronze
Secret Inner Place
70x90 cm, wood, nylon powder, acrylic, on canvas
The Immense
250x150 cm, Nylon Powder, acrylic on canvas
Permission denied