Roadmap | Federico Clapis


Growth, activity and dissemination planning

  • Dissemination about NFTs for the institutional world of art and collectors through all media tools at my disposal (planning starts: November 2020).
  • First drop on Superare scheduled for February 2021. The first 8 drops will be digital transpositions of my most iconic sculptures. The “black background series” marks the presentation of the characters.
  • Maintain steady and gradual quotation growth on each drop
  • Creation of a private VR Atelier reserved exclusively for my collectors
  • Private Sale as a unique and new purchasing method for collectors. A work can only be reserved through Twitter DMs
  • Selection of collectors; the drops can only be purchased by collectors who already have a good collection and sincere resonance with my work. Ensuring the professionalism of collectors as a priority
  • Creation of the NFT area on the site where visitors can preview new drops
  • Participation in the most interesting exhibitions within the different metaverses
  • Secondary market. Begin to moderately feed the secondary market with the first limited editions. Very few pieces and more open access methods
  • Other points soon visible..