International indoor and outdoor Exhibition
L o n d o n

Big bronze sculpture exposed at the Observation Point Square.
The Sculpture is currently on the Oxo Tower Square.

June/July 2018
Rio de Janeiro – City of God

Rio de Janeiro, urban installation in the most dangerous favela of the world.

Rio (brasil)
November 2017
Federico Clapis meet Francis Bacon

Federico Clapis meet the Francis Bacon paper collection in the prestigious Montanari Palace in Bologna (Italy).
Clapis Work exhibited - "The Crucifixion of the artist"

Bologna (Italy)
30 January 2016
Milan – Born In Captivity

Bbipersonal exhibition in Maimeri foundation (Milan) with Simone Fugazzotto

November 2015

Collective exhibition in Munich.
Artists Emilio Vedova, Simone Fugazzotto, Marco Lodola, Francis Bacon.
Gallery Vernon, Munich.

September 2015
Pitagora Prize 2015

Federico Clapis win Pitagora prize at the historical Pitagora Garden Museum in Crotone (Italy)

Crotone (Italy)
7 October 2015